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IZZIES Ribs with QView

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Asked my granddaughter (See avatar) what she wanted to eat on her second bday. She said Papa's ribs. I was thrilled. There were supposed to be 5 kids at the party but when the parents and neighbors found out I was doing ribs, now I have 30 adults and 8 kids coming. I didn't want to disappoint Izzie. Pulled out 8 racks of BB for the party.

They had a helping of BRITU rub and into the fridge for the night.

8 racks are a bit much for the Traeger Texas and the FEC ain't here yet. Thank God for rib racks.

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Gotta love when they beg for your Q.
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These folks are my daughters neighbors. They have not had any of my ribs only heard about them. Hope I don't disappoint. PDT_Armataz_01_03.gif
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No doubt you will do fine.. I can only imagine what foiling time is going to look like though!
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I am sure you will do fine, you may become the birthday cater for them lol
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