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todays smoking

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put in smoker 7:am
marinaing in italian dressing all night

jeffs rub all night
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Looks like someone is going to eat good today!!icon_smile.gif
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You must be hungry, that's a lot of food. look like its gonna be good, can't wait to see the finished product. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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4 hours in

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I love chicken marinated in Italian dressing!
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Food looks great and looks like ya might be doin some brake work too. Brake cleaner can by the thermo LOL
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Or is this your secret spritz??????? haha
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Lookin' real good mudduck. Can't wait for the final pics!

Does that brake parts cleaner keep the food from sticking?
I use Pam.

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I always love chicks in an Italian dress. Wait! Is that smoke related??

Good looking meat so far Mud. I like the way you slash your beef across the top like that. (I guess that's where the brake cleaner goes, eh? biggrin.gif parts & smoking all at the same time. A man who can truly multitask.)
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