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Propane Gas Scale

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I've used pressure gauges and strips on the side of my tank, but this device is the nuts.....tried weighing the tank on my bathroom scale and then checked with this gas scale.....very accurate...used with a standard #20 lb. propane tank.....I found this at my local home improvement store with the grill accessories....aound $10.....

Q Dawg
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If that thing is even remotely accurate, it would come in handy. For around $10, I'm gonna pick one up.
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Sweet! yea I have one of those inline guages that is suppose to tell you the propane level but it is so inaccurate. It goes from full to empty no warning in between.
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I just pour almost boiling water on the side of the tank and it will show the level of the LP
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Yep I got one like that at Ace and it works great
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