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1st brisket on new Char Broil offset

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Picked up a new smoker at Walmart yesterday because I wanted to play with charcoal. Seasoned it with a whole 13.9 lb bag last night.

Going to do this one with regular Kingsford and hickory chunks and will try some lump or something else next time.

Picked up the brisket from Sams, it's an Excel Choice. 8.81 lbs at $2.08/lb=$18.32.

I started trimming it and ended up separating it. I seem to have become stuck on separating. I trimmed pretty much all the fat I could from it. The point is tiny.

I'm doing some other experimentation too. I made some foil trays just barely bigger than the pieces to try and keep them in the moisture. I figure I'll put them directly on the rack after a few hours. I injected with beef broth and apple juice and let them sit in the mixture overnight. Rubbed with a friend's dad's rub.

This is also smaller than most of the ones I've done so far. I'm expecting this one to cook pretty fast.
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Congrats on the new smoker PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifI was wondering why you trimmed so much fat of your brisket?
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I started doing it as an experiment, same with separating. It turned out pretty good. Maybe a little on the dry side but I've been working on countering that. I generally don't like the point much when done normally but separated and trimmed down it seems to render a lot more of the fat and turns out really good.

I need to do one whole now that I have a few under my belt and see how I like it but I have a hard time talking myself into it when I like the results I'm getting.
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Here it is after 3 hrs on foil, flipped every hour.

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Wow, after 5 hours I ran through a whole 14.9 lb bag of charcoal and the flat is only at 135*. I decided to plug in the MasterBuilt and finish in there.

Is my charcoal burning that fast just because I'm using regular and not lump?
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I always use lump or charcoal briquettes. I have never cooked on regular charcoal. Man that is a lot of charcoal to go through.
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It does seem like a lot of coal... meat looks good so far
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I wrapped the pieces in foil and put them in the MES for a little over an hour and a half at 240, then pull them out of the foil to firm the bark back up for a little over half an hour.

I sure can't get that smoke ring in the electric. For the next one I think I might start on charcoal for 2 or 3 hours, then foil and move to the MES for about 3 hrs, then unfoiled until done.

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That looks really good Ryan, nice job!!
I'll be doing my first brisket on my new char-broil tomorrow and I hope it comes out looking half as good as yours did.
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You can check out some of my other threads and see the ones I've done on the MES. They're good but they just don't cook the same. (Or I haven't figured out how to..)
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