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crisp skin

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i am about to smoke some drumsticks,and i here rubbery skin if not smoke at 325 plus,or take out 30 mins befor done and stick under the oven broiler to crisp up the skin,now my question is most likely a dumb 1,but could i put them under the broiler before the smoker to cook some fat out
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The first thing is theres no dumb question here. Now for your answer no you cann't put the chicken into the broiler before you smoke it. After all you want the fat to melt and drip down to the bottom of the smoker. If this is the first time you have smoked some chicken smoke it like you would normally and see if the skin is like you want it. I like mine the way it comes out of the smoker. If you don't then stick it onto a regular grill or the broiler and let it crisp up to your liking. Oh yea don't forget the Qview.
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ok thanks makes sense
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You can crisp skin at less than 325 for sure.. I do mine at about 250 to 270 and get very nice skin without grilling. You can do a few other things to help with the skin too.. Make sure to use salt on the skin before smoking, and spritz with a vinager based spritz. combo of these things works great.
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