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Buckboard on my WSM

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I'm interested in trying buckboard bacon on my WSM. I'm not really interested in manufacturing the different ducts, etc, as I'm not very handy myself. Has anyone done this on a WSM as-is? What steps did you take to keep the heat low enough? Any tips??
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I don't have a WSM but I have cold smoked in my GOSM a couple times. If the bacon is cured as it should be. Just try a couple briquettes just enough to make the wood chips or chunks smoke without really producing any more heat than needed to do that. If your going to cook the bacon before eating it all you need is the smoke for flavor. In the GOSM I used like three regular briquettes and some wood chips as the briquettes burned down or the chips burned down I replaced them
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I'm with Piney......

You have to figure out a way to get it smoking, but keep the heat down, so you don't cook the bacon. Not an expert on WSM, but someone will pipe up here with help.

Good Luck!


No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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I have a WSM and I have smoked shrimp at temps from 125° - 150° with no problem. I used a little less than half a chimney and some hickory chips. I'm sure you can get the temps even lower as Piney said by using less charcoal and some chips and just add as needed.

I really want to try the Buckboard myself so I'd be interested to see how it comes out for you. Keep us posted and good luck!
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You could also try loading the water bowl up with Ice, or possible a block of it on the bottom rack or something. I use pop cans filled with water and frozen in my electric smoker to keep the heat down.

Also keep the smoker out of the sun, or do the smoking early morning / later at night.
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Thanks for the responses guys. One other question, it wouldn't be any problem to place them on the grates as opposed to hanging them, would there? I can't think of why, but I know that bacon is typically hung, so just thought I'd ask!

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I don;t see why you can lay your slabs on wire shelves, but I use "BBQ Utensil Holders" to hang my bacon when smoking. They cost $.69 on sale at Menards.

Here's a link to my El Cheapo Bacon Hanger Post:

They work great!


No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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I can't think of anything bad about laying them on the racks. That's how I do mine. You get marks on the bottom side from the racks, but who cares---you're gonna slice it anyway. If you have room, lay 'em out.

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I'm with Piney and bear with this one. I don't see a reason for not laying your bacon on the grates and then you are going to fry it anyway. But I have found that a hot plate works really well in this instance for it will allow you to create smoke without alot of heat generated either. Then you can get the smokey flavor and the time you want to take to smoke the bacon. The more time in the smoke the more flavor you will get.
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