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On the grate or in a pan?

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I see most folks here smoking directly on the grate. so far, I've always stuck my butts and briskets in a pan so I don't lose the juices. Am I doing it wrong? Is there a benefit to going directly on the grates?
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Nope you can do it either way. Lots of people put a pan under the butt to catch drippings and some just let it drip onto their fire. Do which ever works better for you.
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I don't put mine in pan because I like to get full smoke penetration, if saving the juices I do place a pan under it but normally I do that just with beef, plenty of juices form after letting the pork rest for a few hours.
Either way will obviously work, just a matter of preference.
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Depends on where I'm doing it. On my gasser I use a pan with a rack in it to lift the meat up off the bottom and allow the smoke to circulate around. On my Chargriller or others I place the pan underneath the grate.
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I go right on the grate... but thats your call
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