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I would pop a brewsky, but I'm 17... so I can't :(
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I dont support under age drinking.... or do I???
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I believe you support drinking Steve! LoL!! JK buddy!
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I believe... I believe I will have another...
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I actually don't like beer. But then again, I don't drink it a lot
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and a calm sadness fell upn the forum... LOL I kid I kid... dont worry one day you will... i have faith in you...

“Upon being told I have a drinking problem I gave careful consideration and completely agree. I've two hands and only one mouth.”
~ Anonymous
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Here are a couple of threads that will help.

Nothing wrong with Kingsford Comp briquettes. I use them all the time in my UDS. These were cooked over Kingsford Comp. Whether you use briquettes or lump, you'll want to get a charcoal basket. It will make life much easier.

I hope you didn't drill 4 holes along the length of the smoker for temp probe wires yet. You can run the wires in through the gap at the back of the smoker and put the probes through a block of wood to hold them in place for grate temp. Until you do some mods, you will have uneven temps along the length of the "barrel" so don't get too frustrated by that. Even after you do the mods you will have some end to end fluctuations. Measure in two places (divide the smoke chamber into thirds) get the temps close and call it good. You'll just drive yourself nuts trying to keep both ends exactly the same. If there's a 15° or 20° degree end to end temp difference and it really bothers you, just rotate the meat. But for the most part, the meat doesn't really care. icon_mrgreen.gif

Hang in there and stick with it.

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Yeah I'm stickin with it. The pot roast came out great, tasted kinda like smoked salmon though. I didn't put more probes in. I got one ol smokey and called it done.
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I just glanced at the responces but please be careful to know the wood you are using. There are woods not suitable and even have the potential to put someone in the hospital or worse. Take the time to plan your cook so you can allow ample cooking time for the product. Most pork and beef can be cooked at 225-250 F to the correct internal temps. Poultry should be cooked above 250 F. Say 275-300 F for saftety reasons. You need to get poultry over 140 F in less than 4 hrs. Use a probe thermo of some sort to check internal temps. The only thing I do not probe is ribs. I cook them 3-2-1 or some variation of that depending on the cut. When ribs pul up the bone about a quarter inch they are cooked through. Ok I have hopefully helped but remember safety first.
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Not to hijack this thread DDave but what was your sauce you used on these ribs?

Powersmokin: You are fine. As long as you are not cooking with high heat, then always take your time with your meat. If you ever run into a jam, get on the forum & ask questions. Or tinker with your smoker by making small adjustments until things look better to you. Like adjusting your vents or pushing your coals around. Things of that nature. Always wait for about 15 minutes to let your changes take effect & if not then try something different. You will be okay as you are on your way to being a great smoker, as young as you are. And trust me when I tell you this: we all have blown up a smoke or two in our time. That is what makes us the great-advice-giving forum we are today. (And don't get me wrong, I am still learning.) biggrin.gif

P.S. Beer makes you fat. Drink shots of tequila. LOL
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Well . . . you probably would believe me if I told you. icon_redface.gif

Okay . . . I'll tell . . . peanut butter/honey on the top rack and cherry chipotle on the bottom rack. I was experimenting. biggrin.gif

Here's a link to the thread.

Probably the prettiest racks I've ever smoked, though.

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Wow!!!! Very interesting mix for the top. And they are beautiful looking ribs. Heck man, thought you posted competition pics. That is why I asked. Thx.
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Well, thank you. That's quite a compliment.

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You are most welcome.
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Just don't smoke the CAT !!! 30.gif

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