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My first fatty... take 2

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I don't know why photobucket won't let me see my images so I can edit them, but here are the rest of the pics of the beginning of my first fatty

I wrapped it up in plastic and I'm gonna start smoking it around 1 o'clock.
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I see you got help from Super Man to lift that puppy! looks yummy

Slow cooked in bullet smoker, tastier than a normal breakfast, able to heal hunger pains in a single gulp... SUPER FATTIE

Okay okay... that was bad lol... Looks good though!
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oh man, that is going to be tasty! Whats that you stuffed it with?
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I stuffed them with corned beef, red potatoes, and Swiss cheese. The potatoes and corned beef were already cooked. Glad you like the pics, I wish I could see them icon_neutral.gif
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What do you need pics for you have the real thing? LoL! Sounds yummy though northern! Post the qview of the smoking and results too, its going to be excellent!!
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As I'm looking at your qview, a co-worker asked why I had drool going down the front of my shirt and I told him it what because of a fatty.........if you could see the expression on his face. Then I showed him what a fatty was and he then started his own drool factory!!!!
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The saga continues

I just put it in the gosm, its mighty windy out here today, my wife is worried that the smoker might blow over, I told her I moved her van in the way to block some of the wind, I'm cooking out in the driveway, my patio is not going in until April, the look on her face was priceless, she said how come you didn't move your truck in the way, I said I didn't want to risk damage to my truck, and then quickly ducked for cover...icon_wink.gif
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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! good times! wear your helmet!PDT_Armataz_01_03.gif
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Now my mind is racing

I'm now thinking of other things I can stuff into a fatty, I made some jambalaya last night, and was wondering if this could work? icon_question.gif
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It's looking good

My dog is going nuts, she keeps whining to go out, we let her out, and she sits right in front of the smoker, waiting
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Looks great so far! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Watch out!

You may be getting hooked!
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Oh ok this is more of that fattie that my Irish side of me was cring over. Now and then it looks great and I could only wish that I was there to enjoy it. For your next smoke you should try making your very corned beef from scatch and then you could smoke it some of the best pastrami that you'll ever have unless you have been to "KATZ Deli" in manhatten in the City.
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What kind of rub/spice was that?
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I don't know what's in that rub, it was what I had left in a container that we bought from a restaurant supply store, I should have used Jeff's, this one wasn't bad, I think it needs to be a little sweeter for my liking.
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