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Newbie Fattie

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I am getting my stuff together for my first fatty. I notice that most use breakfast sausage for the outside. I was thinking of using unseasoned ground pork from the butcher to avoid the sage and other spices. I can't think of any reason this would not work the same as jimmie dean. Also, I am thinking of mixing NM green chile into the meat. Comments. . .

I'm planning a fattie with green chile pork on the outside stuffed with onion, bell pepper, habanero, and jack and cream cheeses. Is it possible to put too much cheese into a fattie? I mean is there a point where its just too much and the fatty falls apart during the smoke? I'm inclined to accentuate the veggies rather than the cheese.

Thanks in advance.

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Oh, and I forgot. . . I am planning on putting some crackers and eggs in the pork to help firm it up. Is that ok?
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The pork sausage will work just fine. I use my family's ground venison burger every time I make a fatty. If anything you may need to add some egg or oatmeal/crackers to firm it up a bit if it wants to blow out when rolling it. Good luck on your first fatty. You are going to love it.
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Now making a fattie I have alawys used straight pork in mine. I have never mixed anything into the meat you will be fine just leaving it alone. You can out all that stuff into it after all it's your fattie. You can stuff them with anything you want. Here's a few I did for the guys at work one day.
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