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12+ lbs sirloin tip roast

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Picked this up saturday while I was looking for something to smoke.

I injected it with a mix of worchestershire sauce, beef broth and Santa Maria Tri-Tip rub. Used the remaining liquid to moisten the meat and rubbed it with the rest of the rub.

Guess I'll be busy tomorrow. icon_mrgreen.gif Going to smoke it at 250 using oak and cherry to an IT of 145, foil and cooler it for a while, then throw it in the fridge. Will be slicing it either friday or saturday.
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Looks like your gonna have some good eats. I'll be looking forward to the Qview. I beat ya I did a small one today and will be slicing it tomorrow but i didn't get the great deal on it that you got.
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looking forward to some good qview
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Looking forward to UPS to deliver me some sammies.
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Oh my! You'll be stocked up for awhile, Dawn!

I'll have to catch up with you after work for the finish...oh, that's gonna good eats!

I'm assuming that this offering is for the Bandera?

Check ya later!

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The beast went into the smoker at 7 am. Smoker running at 250, using a mix of oak and cherry. May throw more things in the smoker later, will have to see how the day goes.
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What times dinner, I can be there in probably 3 hours if you need some help icon_wink.gif
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That is a great looking roast Dawn, do you need my address to overnight me a sammie...icon_mrgreen.gif
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What a great deal on that roast! You can put me on the sammie mailing list, too. :)
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nice dawn. I know I am becoming a big fan of slow smoked beef roasts. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Took 5 hours to get to an IT of 145. Not bad at all. It's foiled and in the cooler to rest for now. Couple more hours and it will go in the fridge to be sliced tomorrow. No, I did not take a huge bite of it even though it looks like that. icon_lol.gif

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Mighty good lookin

What a deal on that roast, it looks great so far, can't wait to see it all sliced up, and read for sammies points.gif
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Nice! I did a 6 lb sirloin roast last weekend. It was weird to slice, I had 2 muscles in it running different direction, so I ended up cutting it into 2 pieces and then slicing.

Came out great!
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Looks awesome Dawn but are you sure you didn't take a bite biggrin.gif
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Decided this was dinner tonight. The rest will be sliced for sammies tomorrow.

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Very Nice. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Wow, that looks incredible. Where's the smellevision when you need it.
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Dawn, that is BEAUTIFUL! It's done just enough to see that marvelously prominent smoke ring.

That's such a good pic that I can see where that bit of fat is on bottom, right where the ring disappears.

Man, I hope our dinner is ready soon, 'cause my computer monitor is starting to get shaky...it's very nervous right now...LOL!

I'm sure it eats as good as it looks!

Thanks for sharing this, Dawn!

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Very nice, that was one monster roast! I bet it was yummy! Nice bark and a mighty fine smoke ring! Excellent work!points.gif
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Very nice looking hunk of meat there!
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