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Traeger Lil Texas Elite-$700 ????

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There is one on Craigslist. Looks to be in good condition. Not sure exactly until I put my hands on it. Does this price seem like a good one for this model?
I don't know much about them other than they get good reviews.

thanks for the help.
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New @ $1050 ain't cheap butt 700 ain't either. Remember you gotta feed them and that ain't cheap either.
BTW, I wonder how much it really costs to smoker something for say, 10 hours??
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We own a Lil' Texas smoker and absolutely love it. Smokes our food with little effort. We have four kids, so I don't have time to baby sit my smoke the whole time, with this unit I don't have to.

I paid 650.00 for mine but it is not an elite. The difference is the stainless pieces which have nothing to do with the effectiveness of the smoker. So the price is pretty good for an elite, but at the same time, it doesn't have anything to do with it abilities.

I say go for it.
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The price seems a bit high for a used one. You can buy a Texas Elit with digital thermostat free shipping no tax for $1000 from a guy in Idaho. My buddy bought two from him. You'll have the extra grill spce when needed. Here is their link.

Here is the deal on treager pricing. All dealers are reqyuired to stay within a tight retail price and are no longer to publish the prices on-line. They can however get better deals buying large quantities and therefore can provide services like free shipping and thermostat upgrades. It's a win win for the buyer. I would call these guys first. I know a guy locally who deal Treagers and he can't compete with the Idaho dealer because the Idaho shop deals high volume.

Regardless, if you go Treager you will be please and will most likely be using it more then any smoker grill you have owned. That is what happened with us and a couple friends who bought them. Hard to turn out bad prodcuts on a Traeger.
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This place in Chattanooga has this model for $899 with free shipping (does not look like it has upgrade discussed by Wingman).
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depends on the temp.. and what you pay for pellets.
figuring 225F and 1$lb(retail) maybe $3-4
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