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im in the process of brining with the slaughter house recipe. it looks good so far. and as far as expenses, getting all the stuff wasnt cheap, lol especially the celery seed.it was 3 bucks at wally world, but i once paid almost 6 for a 1oz jar.
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I didn't have celery seed last time I did the brine, so I just left it out, and added some tony c's cajun and some chili powder instead, it was pretty good. The celery seed will last you a little bit. If you are becoming addicted....you will find that the spices and rubs are the biggest expense, you will learn to shop around a bit.
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Beer Can

Personally, I don't bother with brining or injecting. I don't see how it could get any more juicy or tasty with less fuss. Just rub your bird down wth your favorite rub, drink half a beer. Get some needle nose and open up the hole in the top of the can so you can drop a couple cloves of smashed garlic and a couple tablespoons of Lea and Perrins in there. Set your birds on the cans and cook until Mr. Thermometer says they are done. This is one of the simplest, tastiest methods of Q ever invented.
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When brining, I'm assuming you keep it in the fridge?

I've never brined yet since it always comes out juicy but will definately give it a go... If you've ever tried peruvian chicken, you'll want to immitate... Here's the recipe I've used and it is EPIC, especially the sauce (which I modify for more kick):


I have 2 birds on my ecb right now. I can only maintain temps ~ 220 or so, which is fine but I plan on taking it out and broiling for 15 min or so in the oven for the crispy skin.

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This was my first attempt at smoked chicken.


I used the Slaughterhouse Poultry Brine over night as described above and then Chef Jimmy J's Foiling Juice for the finishing sauce. Apple wood smoked two small birds breast down as I have done a turkey in the past. 250-275 degrees for about 3 hours and 45 minutes until about 164 degrees in the breast. I wrapped them in foil and a towel and set them in a cooler to redistribute juices before pulling and tossing with finishing sauce.





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I loved reading this thread.... Great ideas and recipes! Going to the butcher shop on my way home... Brine + beer can for me... Can't wait.! Happy Smoking, Smokin - K

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You want low cost herbs and spices for your rubs try the San Francisco herb company. Just checked the price on your celery seed and was $2.60 a pound. http://www.sfherb.com/store/spices-culinary-herbs,category.asp   They have cut my cost of rubs and brine by at least half over buying at the markets.

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Originally Posted by Sound1 View Post

You want low cost herbs and spices for your rubs try the San Francisco herb company. Just checked the price on your celery seed and was $2.60 a pound. http://www.sfherb.com/store/spices-culinary-herbs,category.asp   They have cut my cost of rubs and brine by at least half over buying at the markets.

Thanks Sound1 for the link.... Just ordered a crap ton of spices and very impressed with their pricing... Thanks mucho, Smokin - K


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Read this thread as I just picked up a whole chicken for .89 cents a pound!!!!  That's crazy cheap.  Need to find a way to make this work so I can stopp paying 1.99-2.49 a pound.  Brine-ing now.  Cooking tomorrow.  Only thing that worries me is I have an electric one...and it only gets to 225.  It'll just take longer to get to that ideal 165, right?  Since I cannot cook at 265

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Scarbelly, I took your lead and made some smoked chicken taco's the next day and they were amazing!!! Gonna try to repeat the effort tomorrow. The Slaughterhouse brine is a winner. I also used hickory chunk and the Stubbs wood chips mix of hickory, apple and oak. Amazing!

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I'm smoking a whole chicken today on the BGE.  I brined it in a recipe that I made up.  It has Kosher salt, sugar, tarragon, parsley, whole peppercorns, star anise, fresh fennel hunks, onion quarters, orange quarters, and apple quarters.  It's brined overnight.


I'll be applying some olive oil and a good rub, and stuffing the cavity with the aromatics from the brine.  I also plan to melt a stick of butter and pour it between the loosened skin and the meat.


I've brought the fire up and the CyberQ WiFi will hold it at 220 for as long as I need it.  I'm using black cherry for the smoke.  My kids are going to the Pacers Playoff this afternoon, so I'll be dropping them off and heading to my office downtown to monitor the cook from my cell phone!  Gotta say, that's the coolest thing!


Dinner is planned for 6:30 or so.  I'll let you know how it is!

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So cool!


It ended up that I joined my kids at the Pacers game, so I sat there attending to the cook on my cell phone while we watched the game.  The CyberQ Ramp function was on, so as the bird neared the set point, it automatically started decreasing the temp to  prevent overcooking.  The meat reached done temp at 170 degrees, when the game had 2:30 to go.  Once the set point was met, the CyberQ went into its Cook Hold by dropping the temp to 175 and holding it there.  When we were 30 minutes from home, I called my wife to have her remove the chicken from the EGG to let it rest.


She's at the store getting the sides right now, but we're home and the chicken smells fantastic!  Dinner is soon!


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Originally Posted by Nola Saints Smoker View Post

I always use a rub when i do chicken. I find the chicken comes out better without using a brine. I have been injecting the meat with melted butter and whatever rub I am using. The meat is always juicy and tender.
I'm with you. Injecting the bird is the way to go. I do a 50/50 rub of greek seasoning and tony's. Then I inject it with a lemon/garlic butter. Turns out delicious every time.
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Hey i am planning on cooking a few chickens for work next week and I will have to try and hold them over for 4-5 hours, i was curious what the longest time anyone has held chicken over, say on a road trip, and still be safe to eat.  Any suggestion would be appreicated.  I will be using the old foil, towel, cooler trick to get them there.  Any information would be helpful.  Just curious, has anyone ever heated their towels in the drier before puting in the cool to try and keep meat as warm as possible?  Thanks

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Question about the smoking time on these birds. I built.my smoker out of a commercial size fridge with heating element's I installed like a oven basically. However its a awesome smoker but I can't exceed 200 degrees. So my plan is to brine a bird and then smoke it and finish to temp in oven. But I'm not sure on hoe long to put smoke to it on a basic average time frame. Any tips on hoe to smoke a bird and cook to temp this way? I've heard of smoking the whole time but I don't wanna over due the smoke flavor
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I am new to smoking but I have successfully cooked ribs and a Boston butt and I now want to try a whole chicken and like most people I am addicted.  After reading this forum I have a couple questions.  First, which was asked but didn't get answered, when brining do you put it in the refrigerator or just leave it out?  I kind of figure if you do an overnight brine it would have to go in the refrigerator?  Next is cook times.  I got a small chicken, 5lbs, if I cook around 265-270 should I be looking at 4-5 hours?  What doing a beer can chicken, same times?  Not sure if it makes a difference but I am using as WSM.  Lastly, applying rub.  When applying the rub do you want to put it under the skin or on top of the skin or both?  What about taking the skin off?


Thanks guys and sorry for the silly questions.

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Today is my first time smoking chickens I went to HEB here in southeast texas and grabbed 5 birds for 77 cent a pound normally 97 cent. All they had were 5 that's why I only got 5 also. I did the slaughterhouse brine lastnight am about to throw the chickens on the pit. I was wondering if most put a rub on the bird after the brine or not? I will post some pictures when there done, hope they turn out looking like NautiRogue and BackyardKCQ. 

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I always rub my birds.....and i make a compound butter with the rub and go under the breast skin. Bathes the meat with that nice rub flavor.....and talk about moist! !!
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Thanks PadronMan I'll have to look around for a rub to mix together for next time. My birds turned out great tasting and moist. Doing a rack of ribs tomorrow, if you do any special for ribs let me know. I'm always looking for something new to try.
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Smoking a yard bird on Friday and I think the slaughterhouse recipe sounds good. This will be my first smoke by the way. Just got the smoker Friday and seasoned it today. Not off again til Friday.
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