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Sausage maker in training

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Just had to post this one - my 6 year old grandson loves to help with cooking and here he is helping us make Chorizo

Here is the finished grind - this went into chorizo and eggs and was gone in one sitting - we did have 12 for breakfast
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ignoring that child labor law are ya? it's good to get them started early...that's how i did it.....up on a stool!
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And look where it took you LOL - maybe I need to rethink this one
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yup......git that lil' one in school or he'll turn up like me!
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Start em early

A young start, will only lead to him being a master by the time he's an adult.
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You can feed them fish and he will get full but if you teach him to fish he will never be hungry again. Great Job there Scarbelly.
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It's great to see you're so proud of your Grandkids!!!

My kids love to help too.....

As long as it's cool to hang out with Me, I'll take it!!!


No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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I think there is very little that brings families together quite like cooking. You are giving him not only skills, but experiences that will last a lifetime. I'm 52, and still have dear and fond memories of cooking with my grandfather. Wonderful job!

The family that stuffs together....stays together? (ok, maye a bit corny there I know...).

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Spider-chef of the future!


Great lookin' pair of helpers you got too!!!

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Wow Todd that is cool - we have 9 grandkids from 5-19 and they all cook with us - Good looking young men you have there
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We all have to take a few minutes to put our kids and grandkids first. These are memories that will stick with them forever. Hopefully you've created a tradition that your grandkids pass on down to their kids.


No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Yall teachin em somthin they can use the rest a there life, good fer you!

Gotta get they younger generation involved in this craft, cause there ain't many folks what know how ta do it much any more.
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