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All the bubbles go out of it. It keeps things moist and there is barely a slight flavor. I like this because you get several layers of flavor yet still taste the pork. Nothing is over powering inlcuding the sauce. The way it should be if you ask me. Just my humble opinion.
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Thanks, Mt. Dew is on my list now! Maybe Red Bull!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Let us know how the Red Bull turns out. icon_wink.gif The video was great. Thanks for the great post.
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An update. When using the Cherry Dr. Pepper... Let it set out for a while to lose some carbonation. The reason I mention this si when I did this smoke I used a 1/2 bottle and some of the carbonation was gone. no problems.

Tonight I prepared the same smoke using a new bottle and loading the syringe was a pain in the back side and a half! At one point when I removed the needle fom the meat the dr. pepper shot up may face, over my head and onto the stove and wall behind me. Good thing my wife wasn't around to see that. She would have laughed her Xss off. icon_redface.gif
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Hey Wingman
Points for giving the wife some laughs......points.gif

I'm always looking for a different way to do pork butts, and this is next on my list.

THANKS for the post!


No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Ok tried the true to the list for the Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper with SBR and it is fanstatic!! Your right just the right flavor that doesn't overpower the meat, it is very good. The whole family loved it, going to be the main sauce on the table tomorrow for graduation.

Thanks Wingman, it's a keeper for sure!
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I would not steer a fellow smoker wrong! Not on purpose anyway... I do allot of smoking for my web site. Too much to consume in our immediate famiy so I give out freebies to friends, co-workers and family. Everyone has loved that BBQ sauce. I just did a Hawaiian BBQ pulled pork Fatty with that sauce and it was nothing short of amazing.

Glad you enjoyed it Skillet. Thanks for the kind words.
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