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Yes it will be the new 1200 watt model, I gave the person I talked to the model # Ron gave me off his new unit and she looked it up under that number.

Well today I took the plunge and sent the wife after my new MES 40' Smoker at Sam's Club. I was going to have them ship it but decided to just pick it up locally. ,

When she gets back and we unpack it I will post the picks of it.

Now I plan on listing my Bradley 6 Rack Digital on Craig's list and giving someone who likes them a great deal...
It has only been used 2 times and I know that I will take a loss but it just didn't work for my needs.

Now I need to decide what to smoke first, , , , , .
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You will not regret this purchase especially with all the room in the 40 MES and the quick recovery time of the 1200 watt element. I have said this before this is the smoker that made me think twice about electric smokers.
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Thats good to know Beer-B-Q, thanks for the info. I really appreciate it!
Yeah I think we are going to go with the 1200w model, especially since that is the one I thought I was buying to begin with. I have reboxed it and will be returning it tomorrow, then I will get one from Sams.

On a side note I would like to thanks those that have sent me PM's filled with great info and advice, I really appreciate it you guys!

I also found something weird when answering one of the PM's tonight, the model # on the box is different than the model # on the manual and the back of the smoker. Is this normal? I am uploading pics to photobucket and will have them on here asap so you guys can see what I am talking about. It almost seems like the old model got put in a new model box, but I really dont know. Pics up soon....
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ok so here are the pics, sorry if some are not the easiest to see..

Label on the box model# 20071009, if you look close you can see the 20070508 model # on the sticker underneath the newer model # sticker...

Plate on the back of the smoker model #20070508

they have 2 totally different model #'s. Does this seem strange to any one else? I think they tried to pull a fast one here but it aint working on me...
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Sam's Part # is 173462
The Model # on the one I got is 20070810.
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When I was looking in December, guys on SMF kept saying to "Wait For The New Model", so I did!!! I actually called Masterbuilt customer service, and asked which units have the least number of complaints. The rep commented that the new model # 20070710 was going to hit the shelves and has all the updates.

She also stated that they had a number of "Rebadged" units that were actually old units with new model #'s and boxes. I think this one Andy got is one of those units.

If you really want the truth about a product, don't ask the "Salesman", ask the "Repairman"!!!

Sounds like Andy is trading it in on the new model!


No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Thanks Beer-B-Q, thats good to know, so I am noticing though that you model# is 810 and Todds below is 710, is there any difference in these 2 models? I am getting more and more confused by all of these model #'s, LoL! Seriously though thanks for the help that you have given me on this, I appreciate it!icon_wink.gif
Well its all reboxed/wrapped and in the back of my truck getting returned today, I will give Cabelas a chance to get me a new model, but if they cant then I will get a refund and find it elsewhere. Thanks for the info on the model #'s and all that Todd, I had no idea about this. So yes my friend I will be trading it in on a new model! Thanks for your help buddy, I really do apprectiate it!!icon_wink.gif
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Well after an hour at Cabelas they didnt have any of the new ones in stock so I just got a refund and now am looking where to get the 1200w model. There is no Sams here locally, I could oder but its going to be more expensive in the long run with warranty, shipping and membership. Anyone know where else to get the new ones?
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Exactly what Ron said. I have a 30" and keep it covered, when not in use, and on our wooden deck. I also take in the control box, water pan (always foiled before I smoke), grates, chip box, and drip pan (including the outside drip pan. It takes a little more time, but everything has to be washed anyway. Ron's my "go to" guy for the MES. Thanks Ronicon_wink.gif
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As for the membership, it will pay for itself on the first purchase if you buy the MES. + Warranty. When I talked to the person at Sam's Corporate she looked up the shipping and told me it would be about $29.00,

Check out the difference below... $3.01 Difference? Plus you now have a membership to use for 1 year...

MES @ Sam's
$200.00 MES
$39.00 Warranty
$35.00 Membership
$30.00 Shipping
$403.00 Total + Sales Tax

MES @ Cabela's
$399.99 + Sales Tax
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Thanks Beer-B-Q but my math is a little different, not much but a little...
MES @ Sam's
$299.00 MES
$39.00 Warranty (I dont have a Sams Locally so I am debating this)
$40.00 Membership
$45.00 Estimated shipping
$423.00 Total should be no tax, maybe thought since there is one in Idaho Falls.

MES @Cabelas
$349.00 + tax roughly $370.00

So just about 50 bucks different, for the one I want though and that as they say is priceless!! LoL!! I think that is the route I am going since a google search for the new models came up with nothing, nada, zero, zilch and zip! Guess I am joining Sams, although as I said the closest one to me is about 5.5 hours away. Not exactly close, doubt I will renew the membership after it runs out. Now I am bummed they closed them all here, wasnt that long ago either maybe 6 months...
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This seems like the best deal around....

I am happy to hear that you are considering purchasing a Masterbuilt
smoker! The most recent model number for the 40" windowed smokehouse
would be 20070710 & 20070810, which comes with a 1200 watt heating
element. Prices will vary among the retail stores, however you can also
purchase one directly through us $275 plus shipping. Please give me a
call at the below number if you would like to place an order.

Thank you for doing business with Masterbuilt.
Jennifer Burchfield
Customer Service Representative
Masterbuilt Mfg.
1.800.489.1581 Ext 3943
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I just bought the 40 mes from Bass Pro Shop and it was the new model. Didn't cost a whole bunch to ship either. They said they had plenty in stock.

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I just started following masterbuilt on face book and found this.

Being a Masterbuilt Facebook Fan has its perks….like 25% off our products! Once you “like” our Facebook page and become a fan, you can use Discount Code MBFB25 to receive your discount (off the retail price). Orders must be placed at or with Customer Service at (800) 489.1581


Mabe this will help someone out.

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