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fonputr the mods-input of data

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I did not know where to go with this-but-what is this when you are typing and the cursor jumps back two sentences (or a paragraph?) ? I have to consantly monitor my typing, wife says she has this on Hotmail too...??? Very irritating!
Sorry about the title more interferance
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My guess is you have a virus, but I'm no expert. Hopefully someone will be along shortly who can help you more.
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Are you using a laptop?

If so, you are most likely inadvertently hitting the touchpad and selecting where the cursor is at. Almost like a click.

This happenes quite often with my computer.

I usually turn the touchpad off when doing a lot of typing and use a Notebook Wireless Mouse...

You can also turn the click with pad option off in your settings.
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Maybe not a virus but definitely a browser/computer issue. Especially if it does it to your wife on Hotmail.

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Yes. This must a laptop for you to have this problem. (I hope.) Turn off tap to click on the touchpad. Go to Mouse properties in the Control Panel and go to the tab at the very right.

You can also turn off the touchpad completely if you don't use it by holding the Fn key and pressing F7.

Good luck.
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