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Price on Wood

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Does $20 sound like a Decent price for 25 pounds of Cherry Wood Chunks?
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Not a bad deal, not sure how close you are to the Monroeville area but there is an orchard/farm there that I buy all my wood for, oak, cherry, apple and occasionally maple, great prices too!
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It really depends on many things and whats available in your area and how hard it is to come by different types of wood
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I am really close! Thanks so much for the heads up... your the man!points.gif
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Best long term price on wood, is a chain saw.... icon_cool.gif
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If you're in an area where you have access to those woods, get a chainsaw and offer to remove certain types of trees for free. So far I've removed a hickory, 2 apples, 1 cherry, and have 3 more cherries to remove. That's only in a period of about 2 months since I posted the ad.
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+2...this is the best investment...besides the pit of course...
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Unfortunately I am not in an area with a lot of fruit trees (that aren’t located on farms) or other wood smoking type trees for the matter… I was going to Home Depot & Lowes for my wood, but they rarely, I mean RARELY, have anything other than Mesquite & Hickory… I need some lighter flavored woods so I looked around online and saw the 25-30pound box of Cherry for $21…
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