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Jeffs Sauce and Rub Recipes

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I am really new here and have read a lot about his sauces and have been a little hesitant about spending the money for what sounds like 2 recipes. On the other hand it is simalar to purchasing a cookbook. Can anyone tell me how many recipes he has for the purchase price? I am really interested in them. Are they as good as the reviews?
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In answer to your question you get one recipe for Jeff's rub and one for his BBQ sauce and yes they are both excellent. You may think that the price is a bit high, but take into consideration that the proceeds of the rub and sauce sales is what helps keep SMF up and running along with the Premier Membership subscription.
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I was in the same boat...didn't know if it was worth it or what to expect...all I heard/read was "it's great". So I just didn't have a clue, but bought the recipes anyhow.

Well worth it! Haven't used anything else on my pork since I got the recipe, and I tried the sauce on Sunday, and it was delicious. You have my strong recommendation to place the order for your benefit AND you'll be helpin the site.

Just my 2 cents
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I just purchased Jeff's rub & sauce recipes yesterday. I have a couple of butts on the smoker right now with the rub on them.
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It's well worth the money IMO. I have learned so much from this site and that alone is worth the price he asks for his recipes. You won't be disappointed!
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I bought them both, the rub is great, I haven't tried the sauce yet, but I will, and I'm sure it is just as good, and you can doctor them up to suit your taste, I'm also a member of smf, I'm new to smoking foods, and there is a lot of people here with great input. I say purchase them you won't regret it. icon_mrgreen.gif
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It is really easy the answer is YES the recipes are worth it and like dutch says it is one of the reasons this place is still here. I also support Jeff in most of his ventures. He does have allot of videos on the how to in smoking meat serious
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They are both very good and well worth the money. I think you'll find buying the ingredients and making your own with the recipes will save you money before long the recipes pay for themselves
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I was in the same boat should I buy and are the reviews true? The answer is YES. I have been using it ever since I bought it. Just like the other guys say it goes toward a good cause, it keeps SMF open and working!
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Thanks to everyone for the feedback! I think you've convinced me.
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I just ordered the resipes as well and signed up for the newsletter. I have not had one bad experience with any of Jeff's resipes and I dont expect I will either, the man has a gift for good BBQ!icon_wink.gif
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My only concern is that Jeff seems too skinny to be eating all the food he makes, whats the deal? lol
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If you order online does Jeff email you the recipes?
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I gotta show this to my wife.. she thinks I need to lose weighticon_mrgreen.gif

I'm just good at sucking it in for pictures and videosicon_redface.gif
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when you buy he sent it to you in a download
i have them and used them on all bbq they are greatPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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When you order the recipes, the system will automatically send you a download email with your password and download link.. if you don't see that within a few minutes or so, shoot me an email letting me know and I will send it to you manually. They also get caught in spam filter occasionally especially if you are on Yahoo, Comcast, MSN, Hotmail or AOL.
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Sorry mudduck.. looks like we posted at about the same timeicon_smile.gif
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jeff il give you some of mine i got to much lol
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yes, with in minutes. I just ordered this week, but haven't prepared them yet
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thats ok i just won't hem to know how good it is i love it i just cut some of
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