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Meat quantities

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Hey guys,

For a typical sized fatty, eg 2-3" thick and about the length of gallon ziplock bag.

What is the approx amount of ground meat required ?

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I've just rolled out a 1lb chub for that size, So I'm thinking 1lb of the ground meat is about right.
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yep 1 pound, some have used more but 1 pound works
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I have only made 1 fatty, but it was awesome! I used 1lb of sausage, when rolled out in the ziplock I would say it was about 1/4" thick. We also used 1lb of thick cut bacon for the bacon weave on the outside. Cooked in about 2.5 hours. I would think that if you were trying to make a really thick one you would run into some problems, the ziplock would only allow it to be so thick and the cooking times would have to go up, in my mind at least. Give it a try with 1lb of sausage, it makes quite a bit and if you need more then just make 2.icon_wink.gif
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I have always used 1# but am thinking of trying a 3/4 # run next time to see if it will come to temp faster
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JD comes in 1 lb packs, so that works out pretty well for me. I have seen a 3 pounder at Sam's but I'd like to avoid the bypass for a bit longer.
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I guess I like mine a little bigger for I always use 2 lbs of sausage for my fatties. But when I make them I'm usually feeding a good amount of people or the guys at work.
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I did my first 2 this past weekend... 1 pound of ground sausage is what I used (1 pound each that is)
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1lb works, but is a little thin for me at gallon baggie size, i prefer 1.25-1.5lb...
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Me too! 2 lbs seems to be the right amount.
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Consider this: The size of the meat depends on how much stuff you are going to put inside of it. Using more sausage / meat is good if you are going to "Load" up on the fattie. But 1 lb. should be good for a normal sized puppy. I personally use 2 lbs. as I like to "Load" my fatties up.
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