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First BBQ ChiX

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I am very happy with the first smoke session.
I did a 6lb roaster...All American Rub ala Chris Schlesinger, temp was 250 ish most of the time....lump and oak & cherry splits
nice smoke flavor, moist and deelish
I just got a redi-check therm and it was defective...I can see how that is going to help big-time
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Looks like you had some good crisp skin too! Nice smoke.
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A little drool just ran from the corner of my mouth.
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congrats on your smoke!!!!!!!!
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Looks great, thanks for making me fatter with the pics biggrin.gif
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Your chicken look good to me and so far all theses other folks too. Now your thermo meterr delemma is a learning experiance so now you know to test them first before you use them. To test them just boil some water and stick in your thermo meterr and don't let it sit on the bottom or the sides just hold it in the boiling water and then it should read about 212° and then you will be good to go. But you have earned some points.giffor your first smoke and keep it up.
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