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Brining Turkey w/Cure Question???

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My neighbor asked me to smoke a turkey for Easter, but wants me to use her Mother's recipe for brining turkey. Her brine recipe includes Morton TQ, and the cooking recipe calls for 350 degrees in an oven for 4-5 hours.

Why would Morton TQ be used if the temps are high enough to kill any bacteria?

It's her turkey and I'll do it any way she wants!


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I would guess the TQ is for flavor and tenderness???? Hopefully someone will know for sure.
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Does Morton's TQ work faster than Kosher Salt in a brine?


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It changes the consistency and flavor quite a bit.. Not sure why to use it in a hot cook like you said, but there are a lot of guys on here that do it. Maybe RonP will pipe in. He uses it a lot with great success.
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The TQ will add flavor, and texture and make it moist + cure it to some extent.
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It will give it a ham-like flavor.
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I have used a cure brine on turkey(s) after reading about it on here, and getting some very gracious help.

They are fantastic, have a nice hammy flavor and very juicy.
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That reminds me of the smoked turkey we got at work from a customer for Xmas. Everyone raved about it saying "Oh man it tastes just like ham" I just kept saying if you wanted it to taste like ham why don't you just cook a ham????? hahaha Some of them didn't like that comment. I just laughed. Let us know how your bird turns out.
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I smoke a LOT of turkey (we sell it on the truck!). What others have already said, it is used the way you described not for bacteria, but purely for the different texture and taste it will give; it will give the meat a pinkish color (often mistaken for "not being done"). If your neighbor is willing to share a slice or two, try it and you will see the difference in appearance, texture and taste. Its good stuff!!!
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Now I have heard of using TQ on a turkey but if you want your bird to taste like Ham smoke a Ham. I would give it a try but why does your friend need you to cook the turkey in the oven He not have one. Ok I would smoke it just the way she wants and then give her some of your regular smoked turkey and let her make up her mind for herself.
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I think I'm gonna smoke a brined turkey per her recipe, and and another turkey that's been injected, like I usually do it.

Seems like a good plan for a comparison test to me!


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