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Chuckie~7-Bone~Pork Shoulder Smoke. BIG QView

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We were running low on the food-saved pork and beef in the freezer, so on Wednesday I took a 7.5 lbs pork shoulder (boneless from Costco), a 3.5 lbs Chuck roast from Frys, and a 3.66 lbs 7-Bone Roast from Frys (managers special!) to thaw out.
Plan was to smoke on Saturday or Sunday, and pull, then food-save.

Here is the Chuckie on Saturday. I bought some of this Cookshack Rib Rub at Cabelas and thought I'd give it a whirl on the beef.

Here is the pork shoulder, and 7-Bone which were next in line

7-Bone rubbed with Cookshack brisket rub and ready to be wrapped

Pork shoulder covered with mustard, then I used Jeff's Rub w/ a little bit of bacon salt as the rub

After a night of setting up in the fridge, I took all the meat out, and unwrapped it from the saran wrap and got my injections ready.
The pork shoulder was up first. I used a combo of apple juice and apple cider and injected throughout

Next was the beef. Notice I used mustard on the 7-bone, and just a rub on the Chuckie. I wanted to see if I could tell a difference in applying mustard prior to the rub. The injection for the beef was a combination of beef broth, and this steak sauce which has a great/strong flavor

Chuggin along on the drum after about 2 hours

A few hours later. All of it was spritzed with an Apple Juice/Apple Cider/Whiskey mixture every hour on the dot

Close-up of the butt

Close up of the Chuckie
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Close up of the 7-Bone

The 7-bone hit the 165 degree mark first, so I pulled it off the drum after about 4 hours and foiled with Dr. Pepper, and a little bit of the brisket rub

Believe it or not, the Butt (7+ lbs) hit the 165 degree mark next. I laid out some of Jeff's rub, brown sugar, parkay, and clove honey on the foil, set the butt on the mixture. Then applied the same to the top. Foiled up, but poured in a little apple juice before sealing.

The Chuckie took the longest, hit a stall at about 150 degrees that lasted awhile. Threw all the foiled meat in a cooler with a towel over it. It held the heat extremely well

Made up some BBQ sauce while the meat set up

Here's the meat..ready to check the results

7-Bone went first, it got to sit for about 3.5 hours in the cooler. If you look closely you can see the meat completely pulled from the bone

Here's a close up of a piece. It held the moisture very well. The injection, spritz, and foiling kept moisture the moisture in perfectly

Half way filled a good size bowl with just this one roast. The smoke ring turned out pretty good

Here is the Chuckie
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I used that same cookshack rub on my brisket and It was very good.
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Smoke Ring

Macro of the beef. I poured the juice from both foilings back over all the meat here.

Here's the butt...this thing wanted to fall apart

Almost filled up another bowl

Macro of the pulled pork.

Smoked it all to 165, foiled, and took it to 205 before putting in cooler to set.

I had never injected a pork shoulder, but I do believe it helps with the moisture of the meat. This was my wifes favorite of the 3 things cooked (she didnt discount the beef at all either). I will inject from here on out. Jeff's rub works great on the shoulders by the way. I had only used it on ribs till yesterday. I also recommend the brisket rub to anyone who hasnt tried it. Also, I like the bark that DID have mustard rubbed on the meat first. It seemed to hold the rub better till the end.

I thought I took pics of all the bags we made with the food-saver, but I guess I didnt. We have about 6 of the beef, and 4 of the pork. So we're set for awhile biggrin.gif

Chicken up next!
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You pulled them at once they hit 160? Did you pull them or slice and chop them? How did they pull when they weren't taken up to 190-200??
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I foiled them at 165, and took to 205 before putting them in the cooler...haha i forgot to mention that
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Ahhh got ya. I was wondering how it seemed to pull so easy when it was only taken to 165. Thats some good looking Q! I am going to do my first chuckies this weekend and I am planning on using the cookshack rub as well.
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You're gonna love 'em. The guys on here suggested them to me, and I really don't know why they don't get their own spot in competitions.
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A beautiful sight

That all looks mouth watering delicious, a bounty of beautiful meat, great job, and I liked how you used all kinds of different flavors. points.gif
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Thanks. It was fun trying some new stuff out
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How long did your chuckie take roughly?
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The Chuckie took about 5 hours at 240-250 degrees
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I am assuming neither you or your wife are vegetarians
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Well your food looks awesome and since you work for UPS I think you should send us a taste. How's that guys for a good Idea ha ha ha. No it looks really good and I bet that theres not much left anyway. If it were in my house would be gone for sure. The kids come out of the wood work when dad has the smoker cranking.points.giffor the great looking meat.
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All of these look great.
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