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BRITU dust ribs w/qview

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I decided to give the BRITU rub a try after DenverDave's success and rave review's. I used kosher salt, and turbinado sugar that I put through my spice grinder until very fine. The black pepper was also freshly ground fairly fine. What I ended up with was a rub with the consistency of majic dust but lighter in color. I did reduce the salt to 2/3 cup, and used only 2 tsp of accent.

Here is what the rub looked like. Recipe makes enough for 5 to 10 racks, but I plan on trying this out on a butt next weekend. It smells great!

Ribs going into the MES at 230 degree's with lump coal and apple wood.

I'll update as the smoke progresses!
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I have never heard of this concoction you are talking about but it looks good. So I will stay in touch and see how things are going along.
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Here is the link to Dave's post in the rub and sauce section. It has a link to the original BRITU recipe..
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Glad you're giving it a try. I did a couple of butts last weekend using this rub. They also came out great. I'm looking forward to your opinion.icon_smile.gif
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The ribs sure look and smell good!

Here we are at foiling. Spritzed with my apple juice, and apple vinager mix. Drizzled a honey butter (1/2 stick real butter mixed with 2 Tbsp honey) over the top and sealed them up. Just took the one pic of half the rack to save on heat time. Cant wait till supper!

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Ribs are fantastic. I let them sit in the foil a bit too long for my taste. I prefer a little tug, but the wife had her bones cleaned off before I could ask her how they tasted! My 22 month old cleaned two off herself. The sweetness of the honey glaze was really well paired with the chili and pepper in the rub. This will be a keeper. Next I will be using the rub on some butts! Good find Dave!

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That last pic made me want ribs for dinner!

Looks great
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Man those look good, certainly earned points
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Ok I confess, I have been using BRITU as a foundation for my rib rub for a couple of years. When I have time I do the trick with the brown sugar in the oven, like others I lower the salt, no MSG, I substitute ground red pepper flakes for the cayenne, I adjust the quantity of chili powder down and add paprika, and there are one or two other ingredients I sometimes add.

The reality is many good rubs usually start with the same 5 or 6 ingredients however in varying quantities and then add other stuff.

You are on very solid ground using
BRITU as your rib rub.
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