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My First QView & Fatty

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Made my first Fatty this weekend along with 2 racks of spares and some beef short ribs... Stuffed one fatty w/ Cheese Steak, Mushrooms, Sweet Peppers, Amercian Cheese, & Pepper Jack... Stuffed the 2nd Fatty (Using spicy sausage) w/ Hot Pepper Shooters, Siracha Hot Chilli Sause, Pepper Jack, & Mushrooms...
Attachment 24391
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I was thinkink i may have over cooked the fattys, but the bacon was extra crispy and the inside was moist so I didnt mind next time i will take it out a little earlier...
Attachment 24394
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Attachment 24396
I was ennjoying a few beers and some margaritas and 4got to snap pics of the ribs... so probably not a great QView, but the Fattys & Ribs were awesome... My buddys want them every smoke now! Thanks all to introducing me to the FATTY!
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congrats on your first fattie points.gif
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Congrats on the food
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Thanks! Everyone on this site is great!
First of many Fatties & QViews... I will just be sure to snap more photos next time LOL
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Nice Job on the fatties, they look good to me. I have noticed though that what we ourselves may consider mistakes in the BBQ world are still dang tasty! Keep up the good work!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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BoiseQue, Ha! just looked at you first Fatty also... looks great man!

& Cheers to you! "clink"
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Am sure that it was delicious
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Well yes it does look like you over did them a bit. But thats how we learn is to eat our mistakes and then we wouldn't do it again. Do you have a thermo probe yet?? You will need one the your next smokes. But congrats on your first fattie and I hope you will keep on smokin.points.giffor the first of many I'm sure.
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Congrats on the successful smoke. You are going to be making a fatty or 3 every time you smoke now I bet. They are great!
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No I havent picked one up yet... i will probably grab one this weekend... was at home Depot last night looking at a few... just up in the air on which one to buy... thanks for the tip!
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