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Sunday smokin

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after a long break from the site ,i am back .
Seeing all the great pastrami out there and since i had a small corn beef in the freezer ,Why not?
soaked it for 6 hrs and then marinated in a mix of beer water and crab boil over night. covered it w/ a thick coating of corriander and cbp, Vac sealed and back in the fridge till this morning.
Here is the before pic.

Also had one of the best looking whole packer briskets i've seen.
12.57 lbs and i only got a little over 1.5 lbs of fat trimmings.

Here is before pic of nice brisket.

wife and Dil wanted ABTs so thawed some shrimp sliced some japs and ABTs ready to hit the heat.

Every thngs going well pastrami is at 168 deg.
Brisket is stalled at 159 deg and ABTS are fixing to come off the MES and take a quick run under the broiler to crisp the bacon.

Finished pics to follow.

Briket and Pastrami ready to slice

sliced brisket

sliced pastrami

This is my third brisket But my first pastrami . It didn;t even last long enough to bag for freezer.
Top of my list to do again
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Looks like you had a wonderful smoking sunday. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Welcome back! Good looking brisket.
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Looks great eman, what times supper?
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Looks like your having a good day around the smoker!!
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Looks like a great day of torturing the neighbors!
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Getting old

Well, I have learned today that i can no longer eat ABTs.
Seeded and deviened the japs and figured i'd be good.
Ate one allmost an hour ago and my stomach is still on fire.
Didn't seem that hot when i ate it.
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that looks good. try yellow and red peppers for abt's sweet but easy on stomach, my wife loves them
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Man it looks like you are going to be eating really good very soon the E. I'm sorry about your ABT's problem too I have to take a pill fpr all the hot stuff i have eaten in the years gone bye to. It's a Protonix's and it is a very good pill it releives all of my heart burn and acid reflux and I wouldn't go a day without it. I cann't wait for your fifnshing pics thou.
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Good looking smoke, got the finished picsicon_mrgreen.gif

I've noticed that the abt's seem to be a little less hot if you cook them longer, don't know if I'm right about that or if it just seems milder because I've just had more beer at that point.
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Great pics

Great looking food, good job PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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