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Smoking and Grilling for my Wifes Birthday QVIEW

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OK so yesterday was my wife's birthday and I always BBQ for it. Well since the kids were out of town we went and watched live roller derby (long story) so today we are getting ready to tear up some meat. This is a big selection but I put it in pork because her favorite will be the BB ribs.

The BB Ribs Rubbed with care

Some Yard bird for the poultry fans it was marinated overnight in Zesty Italian Dressing.

South Texas Filet mignon otherwise known as Fajitas these will be grilled not smoked once again marinated with Zesty Italian Dressing.

got some fresh sausage on the way that will be cooked also.
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Looks like she is going to have a wonderful Bday feast!
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Looks like a great start to the birthday, but I gotta ask, roller derby? icon_confused.gif
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We have these friends that love it and think it is better than football and we go with them about once a year maybe twice it is actually pretty cool but the best part is watching the people who go to these events.

They have lots of beer and plenty to look at and the skating aint that bad either.
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Gotta love the Italian marinade. Looks great so far. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I love marinating my chicken in Italian dressing. So juicy and a great flavor.
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Can't wait for the results.
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Two hours into the smoke and the smoker is @ 235 and the smoke is thin and blue. Just foiled the ribs for the 2-2-1 and added the yard bird debating on just how to cook the fajitas on the propane grill or over some hot coals. either way today is going to be a good day. Whooo did I mention the sausage just got here.
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It's not easy waiting for the pixs, I bet your family is antsy as all get out.
Enjoy your meal (and don't forget to post some pix for all of us!!).
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Thinking I am going to use more of a 2-1-2 next time after I took it out of the foil the look a little too tender if that is even possible. They are going to be delicious just may not have to pull them off the bone they my melt in your hands.
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Its all about how you like it. Some want more tug than others and some want them fall off the bone. Change the 3-2-1 or 2-2-1 to your liking. Sounds like you are having success so far. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Sorry about the cell phone pics but my wife has the good camera.

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This says it all.
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ECT - NICE! Big fan of the Zesty myself. Great looking dinner.
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