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Time and temps for a Turkey

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Ok guys a couple simple questions. Just need some help with the basics. I do have the Masterbuilt Electric Smokehouse too. What are the rules for time and temps per weight of a turkery? Also how long should I brine it? I like to use tender quick salt in water just enough to float an egg and also add brown sugar for my brine.

Thanks guys!
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I brine mine over night then rub and throw it on the smoker the next morning. Do a search for Slaughter house brine that is a good one. Or you can use the float an egg and brown sugar and other spices trick. I use that for my chicken legs but it does tend to get a little salty since you are using way more salt that most brines. Smoke it aound 275 until you get an internal temp of around 165-170ish. How big is your bird?
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I have a 13# turkery, but my dad also plans on shooting one this spring and he is going to want me to try and smoke that one too.
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I smoked a turkey last week in my MES and it took about 6 hours at 250 degrees. It leveled off at 150 degrees, so I covered it in foil and put it in the oven for about 40 minutes to speed it up. Figured 6 hours of smoke was good enough.

Goes faster if you "Debone" it. At the very least, I would separate the breast from the back. I did not brine it, but did inject some garlic butter in the breasts and thighs. I'll brine my next bird.


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