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OK, I'm new here........

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Hi everybody (said like Dr. Nick -- on The Simpson's)

The name is Paul.
Divorced (and now HAPPY), father of 2 GREAT Sons (24 & 19).
I've owned smokers before, just the small ones, and I loved them. Then over the years they weren't what I wanted. Then this past Christmas, my oldest Brother gave me a propane smoker. So (as far as smokers go) I'm probably not as well equipped as most of you, but I figured this would be a great spot to learn, and share some recipes.
I have the smoker fired up as I am typing.
Hopefully this is a friendly group, as I hate the trolls that ruin the fun of these places....and I usually don't stick around long after that.
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Welcome to SMF, Paul. Glad you joined us.
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Welcome to the forum. This is a great place to learn and share. It is also full of very friendly folks that are willing to help out. You may have found a home here.icon_smile.gif
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This is a very friendly place with lots of knowledge. If you have questions there are answers here. Welcome to the forum glad to have you. I can't wait to see some pictures (qview) of your smokes. We love that kind of stuff around here.
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Welcome to smf, this is a great forum, full of knowledgeable smokers.
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I haven't even been lurking in here yet. Usually I lurk a forum before I join, This time I didn't.
I just started a thread about smoked cabbage, I am smoking some right now so when it is done I'll post some pix.
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Welcome to the world of smoke!
Don't worry about Trolls here ,The mods here do a great job of getting rid of them quickly.
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I just commented on your cabbage post. I guess I didn't pay attention that it was your post. Your off to a good start. We love that kind of creative thinking around here. Thats why we love new members everyone brings something to the site.
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Hey Violator, welcome to the SMF. I think you'll find it not only informative but also entertaining.
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Welcome as a newer member who never joins boards for the same reasons you stated let me assure you the guys and gals on this board are legit full of knowledge and friendly as can be. They do have one flaw though they love QVIEW and may have got me addicted to it as well.
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Illinois? Propane? No problem here. You stumbled on a great forum.

What part of the state are you from?

There are a whole bunch of people who are just darn good folks that are willing to help others.

There are a lot of folks out there with propane smokers. What is the brand that you have. I would bet there are a bunch of modifications that you can make to get it to be more efficient if you want to.

The only advice I have is buy a good thermometer, and don't use the stock one. They are usually way off.
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"nickelmore" do you know where Kankakee is? I live about 10 miles south of there in a little town - Chebanse. - Nice and QUIET (now that I'm too old to raise He!!).
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PDT_Armataz_01_36.gifhey violator! welcome aboard! this is a great place to learn and help others learn more about smoking.... i spend way too much time on here but i really enjoy it, the people on here are great and always willing to help.PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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glad your hAppy now !!!!!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
and welcome
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