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Ok im jumping in at the end but heres how I do my whole hogs , with my pig cooker I prefer a 90-120lb pig. 100lb pig on my cooker will take 8 hours . I don't score the skin , put the hog rib side down until the shoulder bone will twist  and almost come out then your 90% done. turn the hog over and apply sauce of your choice and you can start snacking on the ribs . let the hog keep cooking for about another hour. by flippin the hog you are allowing the juices to rest back into the meat. My cooker is old school I dont have a thermometer I use the hand on the grill for 2 seconds and temp is perfect .''sorry the way I was taught''. Flipping a hog can be a challenge but I have an extra grate I put over the hog and flip it . watch my post for July 4th im doing a whole hog with Qviews

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I just did a smaller hog last weekend and posted a few pictures if you want to look.


The pig was 80lbs and was around 4 feet long.  We cooked at 325 degrees for around 3 ½ hours until we got the color we wanted than backed down to 250 for another 4 hours until we got an internal temp of 160.  That was an odd cook but it shows you can have an "edible" hog in under 8.


Normally when we cook whole hog they are closer to 180 – 200lbs and we smoke for about 16 hours at 225-250.  The hog would be injected multiple times throughout the cook and we are looking for an internal temp around 185 – 195.  


A word of caution.  Whole hog can be very fatty and has the possibility to clog the grease trap in your smoker resulting in a possible fire hazard.  A few years back we were cooking one on a rotisserie over open flame with a center plate diverting the grease away from the fire to reduce flareups.  3 hours into the cook the trap got plugged and all the grease in the diverting plate caught fire and subsequently caught the pig on fire.  The pig continued to spin in the rack fully engulfed in flames until we could get a garden hose to put everything out.  We fired it back up and continued to cook.  It was one of the best hogs we have done but I don’t plan on charbroiling a whole hog ever again.

LOL, sounds like a tasty option, but I'll take your advice and avoid it...

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