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First Q-View, why did i buy this cut ?

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i was looking for a shoulder or butt, but ended up with a loin end roast ?
they started to cut the bone side some like i could cut it up into thick pork chops.

i did a bit of injection on it .. rubbed and wrapped
i just have no idea how i should cook this thing now
i wanted to make pulled pork , put i guess im headed for something different now ?

looking for some advice, thanks !

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Man I would smother that baby with Porketta seasoning and smoke it until it hits 160. Yum Yum
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any idea what temp i should smoke it at ?
pull at around 160 ?

it is partially sliced into on one side .. should i cook it that side down ?

how exactly am i preparing the cooked product ? PDT_Armataz_01_04.gif
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Does it have a bone it it? You could slice it open and rub it and stuff it and then roll it back up and tie it shut. Smoke it around 225-275 until it reaches 160 (if you are giong to slice it) and it will be good. I have stuffed my loins with garlic, onions, apples, prunes or anything else you think would be good. I have also seen a lot of people putting spinach, and fetta cheese lately and that looks awesome as well but those have been pork loins if I remember correctly but I don't see why that wouldn't work on this cut of meat.
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I just pulled one of those of my smoker ( like 45 minutes ago)... Rubbed it like a butt and smoked untill 155 internal..Then sliced the bones apart.. Best pork chops ive ever had !! Good luck..
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yes it does have bones in it, what was the cook time on yours Jax ?
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Bout 4 1/2 hours at 225-250..Can't remember the weight on mine but it had about 7 bones....Just cook it as it was a boneless loin... It's too lean to do pulled pork..
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like mike said treat it like a roast and it will be very good.........don't let it get above 165-170.
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heres a shot of how it was started to be cut ....

i washed and re rubbed with butter, evo, onion, garlic, rosemary and some fennel .

i put it in 20 min ago smoking at 180 , then im going to increase the temp to 225 after 45 min or so.

not sure if i should take it out of the pan eventually and flip it over, probably will .
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hour into it, just little above room temp now 70ยบ
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wow, came out amazing ! was using hickory and some apple pellets

thanks for the 160 pull mark ! took around 5-5.5 hours

ended up rasing temp to 275 on smoker about 3.5 hour mark
roast weighed around 7 lbs.
was still moist, had a nice bark-ness and smoke ring PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

best pork chops ive ever had.
the boneless parts were a real treat PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif

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That looks AMAZING!!!
Cograts on the GOOD Smoke job.
Thanx for sharing it with us (you know - the pix at least)
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Thanks ! ,
might make some pork fried rice with some of the left overs
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Yummy looking'excellent job
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