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My GOSMS Auto-Water Alarm !!!

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Has anyone else noticed this.....when I smoke on my GOSM.....while using my remote temp. control.....afer a couple or so hours of smoking, I notice a significant rise in smoker temp.....and upon going to the smoker to adjust the temp.....everytime.... I hear that tale-tale crackling noise of grease dripping into a dry water days I just automatically grab the water pitcher and head out to the smoker....

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You must have a small water pan. Course, I have a 24" GOSM and it takes just shy of a gallon of water. It takes quite awhile for me to hear that sound and NOW that I've "bombed" the door with a window, I can really keep a mark "I" (one) eyeball on the situation. icon_mrgreen.gif
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When I first got my GOSM I had the same issue. Now I have the timing down and get it before its completely out. Also using a thermometer and not the door one helps.
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Yeah, you'll notice that with any wet smoke. My small GOSM and Smoke Vault 24 both do it...I also use a 1 gallon water pot in the sfb of my SNP when I'm firing it with a propane burner, and temps will spike if it boils dry, too.

I've noticed spikes if I put a good load of large cuts in all at about the same time when the thermal absorption of the meat starts slowing down. I can generally tell about 30-60 minutes in advance that the stalls are about to hit by this, if I don't see any other reason for the spike.

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