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Beginner Problems

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Hi, I am a beginner at smoking. I have a BBQ Pro grill. I sprayed the inside with oil and started my coals and put into firebox. So far I can only get the temp upto about 150. Am I not using enough coals or what? Also where do you get a coal basket?icon_rolleyes.gif
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Do you have a pic of your rig??

The EXHAUST must be always wide open, temp is controlled by the air 'intake'.

Check my signature for a charcoal basket that's quick and easy.

But is you can't get a fire hotter than 150 your not allowing either enough intake or enough exhaust
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exactly what eaglewing said, also are you just using the temp gauge that came with the smoker ? If so those are almost always way off.
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Burnt Fingers

Thanks guys for the info. The plans for the basket look good, I'll get started on one tomorrow. The smoker I have is your basic barrel with an offset firebox.
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Always check your thermometers, most of the ones included are off some a little some a lot.
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Howdy, welcome to the SMF!!
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Welcome to smf, and you can't trust the thermometer that came w/ your smoker, these things can be off by as much as 50*
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I had the same problem with my first offset. What I didn't realize was that on mine there is a 'football' shaped piece of metal that I didn't punch out where the offset meets the main chamber. I couldn't get it up to temp at all. Once I removed that metal piece which increased the hole size between the box and chamber the temps were able to increase.
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Burnt Fingers

Thanks for all the great advice. My Home Depot didn't have the size I needed but did find it at a Tractor Supply. It cost a little more.
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Like someone else asked are you going by the thermometer that came with your smoker cause they are always wrong and by alot too.
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Burnt Fingers

I have a cooking thermometer, can I just lay the probe on the grill to get an accurate temp. What is a good replacement thermometer. Also I am making a charcoal basket and was wondering if it should be a certain size.
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Dont ley the probe directly on the grate. I put the probe trough a wine cork or a potato. The metal from the grate messes with the probe and you will get inaccurate temps. Some put the probe through a peice of wood as well. Something to suspend it over the grate.
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