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Any one ever use ground mustard in there sausage

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Has any one evere used ground mustard in their sausage, kielbasa, or summer sausage? What kinda flavor dose everone think it might add? Beside the obvious taste of mustard.
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Hmmm.... I like the idea. I have a qt jar of whole mustard seed I might have to experiment with.
You just have to be careful with fresh ground mustard...a lot of it in one place can have a bitterness to it.
It might be good in added to a rub for pork butts too...
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Leaves a little bit a tang not like fermented, but more like well not real bitter, more like well heck mustard. Go easy on how much ya use, it be a personal taste thing. I use it in my summer sausage some.
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Like to add a little extra mustard seed into my summer sausage for extra tang
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So far I've only used it in making hot dogs and slim jims/ snack sticks..
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In my mind, ground and whole mustard does not taste like the yellow stuff in the plastic bottle. Maybe if you added vinegar and salt?

I add some of both to summer sausage. Wet your finger, touch it to the pure spice and taste it. Which is a good idea for all spices. Taste them pure. That way you get a sense for what it tastes like and can notice it.....even mixed in with the other stuff.

In Rytek's book, he mentions that once you get a sense for what individual spices taste like, you can almost tell how much of what is in a sausage, just by tasting it (the sausage).
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I use a little in my pork rubs, adds a nice little kick. go easy on it.
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We use whole mustard in our summer sausage and our bratwurst. And they turn out great.
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