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Florida Keys - what to bring back?

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Another BBQ'er from over this side of the pond is heading over to the Keys on holiday & has asked what BBQ treats (ingredients/equipment etc) he should fill his case with to bring back, I know there's a lot of Floridians on this forum, so folks, what would you recommend?


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From the keys I would say some fresh key limes (if you are allowed to bring them back)
Also they will most likely have many tropical based powders and drinks and should have mango salsas, seafood seasonings, a few rubs.
Might have to go into some local shops to find some really great ingredients/rubs.
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I would bring back a couple of those tanned flat PDT_Armataz_01_23.gif bellies if I were you. Other then that I haven't been to the key's in a long time so I don't know whats there. But if I were you I would partake in all the fresh seafood that I could eat in the time I spend on the coast both of them.icon_cool.gif
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Bring back...

I agree with the tan flat bellies, but if not, seafood all the way icon_smile.gif
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local shrimp PDT_Armataz_01_01.gif
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you should be able to get key lime juice (makes a great pie) but other than that try and eat all the great seafood you can. But last time i was in the keys they were all about drinken. There are a few great bars, Irish Kevens is my favorite, great beer and usally a good live band playing.
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Unless things have changed since the last time I was there I don't think theres gonna be much smoking stuff to be found in the Keys. Lots of seafood and lots of drinking but not much in the way of smoking
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Thanks folks, I'll pass that on.

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Gotta' try the key lime milkshakes too. They are OMG Good!
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Key West

First you must have the conch fritters. A key lime milk shake sounds good too.
As for what to bring back. Customs has severe restrictions on fruits and vegetables. Any thing in a factory sealed container will usually make it thru.
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Well just make sure HE is not wearing a Flower in his hair icon_mrgreen.gif

I would grab some button wood, but don't get caught. Maybe some Lobster and if you see any Hot Blue Front Sauce or some Badia or Lizzy Mojo Crillio, grab em up
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The key lime pies are where its at as well as all of the great seafood. Key West is such a fun place to visit. Can anyone recommend a good place for Florada Keys vacation cottages to stay at?

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