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Fear of the "Brisket"

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WHY, why fear it or most likely delay it, what makes the the brisket so,
There is only two outcomes from cooking a Brisket.

the first way as we all want it to be is, the best eating and good Sammie's for a week or two,

or the second option, you'll be chewing on it till next thanksgiving, (if you really did that, weave got a really plush sofa and we charge by the hr) icon_mrgreen.gif i get most as its my idea,

getting down to it its just a large chunk of meat, what ever the size or pound, packers cut or the just the flat.

Temp is your Ailey and friend, main thing is to have a probe thermo to keep track of the meat temp, have a good thermo for your smoker for your overall temp, thats around 250 ideal to 275.

i have a GOSM and put a temp guage at the top vent and tells me over all temp inside, (if i have just one item in i put it on The top shelf.

then the meat prob temp guage , that the main and only thing i look at as long as the smoker is set at the temp i want, providing you dint have a freak blizzard like were having now here in IOWA.

having dogs can remade in an evidence to be hidden PDT_Armataz_01_41.gif

tackle it like the dallies cowboy cheerleaders.

i you do take it out before the meat gets to 200 deg
you can crock pot it like corned beef till its tender,

houndreds of way you can use a brisket.
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want to worry about a chunk of meat other then a brisket, put a 2nd morgence on the house, and barrow a few grand from th bank and give up your first child and get a full length PRIME RIBE. you flop on that and there goes home,wife and kids.

tell the truth im not seeing a downside to that, icon_redface.gif
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Yes Brisket can be very scary but after doing my first one I feel much better about it now. My first brisket came out great!
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The Brisket is a large hunk of beef but it is also a very easy hunk of meat to smoke. Now you will have a long time to fix things if you mess up anything. All you have to do is keep the temp about right 230°-250° or so and then just make sure that you don't let the water pan or the chip tray go empty you will be fine. Just use your thermo probe and get the meat to about 165°-170° and then foil it in some of your spritzing liquid and then take it to about 200°-205° and your be golden and the hero at home.
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A wise old man (sorry dad) once told me If you are ever in a hurry grill a burger if you have a little patience cook a brisket. I have learned that time is your friend when it comes to cooking a brisket the more time you have the better you will be prepared. If you even think you have to rush it it is not a good time to cook a brisket.
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I would second that statement. Smart man.
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