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Seasoned my SHS #5

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Hey all.

I got my Smoke Hollow # 5 together, cleaned off a space on my deck and did a season, Hickory chips and on medium for a hour. During this time it had some serious smoke coming out of it. Now I know everyone says thin blue smoke and the smoke was blue but to me it seemed there was a great deal of it.

I used a handful of chips which I'm guessing is somewhere around a half a cup and I added more as I saw no more smoke. I laid the new chips on the bed of old chips and once again the smoke was rolling.

During this time I noticed about the top half inch or so of my flames were yellow and it seemed to be wavering. I plan on posting a video of it running in the next few days.

Does anyone have a video or a link to something that I can see if this is normal amount of smoke or I have become a clean air converter.
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Have you made any Q on that smoker yet?
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Not yet I haven't. I got everything together last night and did the break-in season. I noticed a couple of places I'm going to have to seal better due to smoke leakage around the door.
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Too much yellow/orange tips to the flame and wavering suggests not enough air in the mix.
You can check to make sure the venturi isn't blocked, open up the intake if it is adjustable, and wiggle it a bit to make sure the orifice is lined up right and aimed properly.
Flame should be steady and more blue just like a gas stovetop.

Lots of smoke then petering out quickly is a problem lots struggle against. wood chunks smoke longer but you can try soaking the chips too.
The chips should be reduced to ash when done. If they are still intact but just totally black like lump charcoal, then you need to get more air to the chips.
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Well I agree with NorCal on this one here about your flames. Now for your smoking question you should maybe soak your chips in water for about 30 minutes and that should let them burn/ smoke alittle longer and not so heavy at the start.
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Try using chunks instead of chips. Or in my case I use both chips and chunks. The chips start smoking earlier and give your smoke right away and then the chunks take over and let it smoke longer. At least that is what I have found.
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Ok thanks for the replies. I'm sorry for all the noob questions.
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