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Not Smoking related, ? for all you autoloader shotgunners

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The people here on this site always give good sound advice.
I am looking at buying a new shotgun. I have two in my sights.
Brand new Benelli SBE I (not the SBEII) it has been in the store for who knows how long. I have them talked down to $899.99. (wood stalk and forearm)
Brand new Winchester Super X3 999.99 (composite stalk and forearm)
The Benelli has a small crack in the forearm, which can be immediatly sent in for warranty replacement. It also has some scuffs/maybe scratches in the barrell that will not be repaired with the warranty. I am leaning towards the Benelli b/c it fits me better, however both can be adjusted via shims. This is a big decision for me, the gun will have to last for at least 15 years. I will be using it primarily as my waterfowl hunting gun, and maybe spring trap league.
What would y'all do?
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This is one of those subjective questions that will probably garner as many opinions as replies. The real answer relies upon your impressions of both guns. $100 isn't a lot of difference when you are talking about a tool that will last the average shooter/hunter a lifetime (both will). If you use them at all, either will get scuffed up. So, don't let "pretty" sway you much one way or the other.

Short of being able to find a way to shoot them both, you'll have to rely on how they "feel" in your hands. Choose the one that feels the best to you.

Having said all that, if I ever buy another semi-auto, it will be either a Bennelli or a Beretta. Don't forget the pics of your aquisition!
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IMO I would go with the Benelli because you said it fit you better. All the advice I have been given stress fit over everything else. The price difference is minimal and the cracked forearm you can replace. The scratches suck but you will probably add a few yourself.

With that said I am actually buying a shotgun tomorrow. Leaning towards a Beretta autoloader, but looking at O/U as well. I can't wait, I'm like a kid on Christmas morning!icon_mrgreen.gif

Good luck with your purchase and good shootin.
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Benelli PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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Just my $.02. All the guys in our group use Winchesters, 2-SX2's and 1-SX3. Last year saw about 500 rounds through 3 guns. Only problem was one gun froze up in below zero weather. Not the guns fault, my bro the owner, not much for caring for his guns. It is all a matter of preference. A little advice, If your a waterfowler, make sure the bolt return spring is properly cared for. If your gun takes a dip, or you hunt extremely wet conditions, take the stock off, and pull out the bolt return spring. Water accumulates in there and corrodes the spring, weakening it, making your gun the most expensive single shot ever. One of the other reasons my bro chose Winchester is because he is left handed and the safety can be converted to left or right handed. My buddy was hunting with a guy who uses Berretta and he is left handed. They were layed out for geese. Things were slow so they decided to stretch the legs when all of a sudden this guys gun goes off. He had the safety off because he is left handed and "it takes to much time to get the safety off because it is a right handed gun, and it would cost like $100 to get it changed over." He would rather risk others lives. Thats one reason we shoot Winchesters. Good luck with what ever you choose.
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I like how your thinking about it and not impulse buying. Personally because you said the Benelli fits you better thats what I would go with. Both are fine companies and fine guns. As far as 15 years my shotgun is going on 35 and going strong and was used when I got it. Good luck with the new toy. PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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If the Bennelli feels better, go with that. If you don't you'll always think about the gun you could have had for $100 less that actually felt better.
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