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25oz T-bone & leftovers

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decent sized t-bone for a hy-vee $10 sale. I was aiming for a nice pink middle at 154 but the cold wind kept driving my smoker temp down (200/225) so it increased the smoke time, and i pulled it right at 154.
(used pecon/hickory wood)

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leftovers tonight

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If you want pink next time pull at 135' 140'. Otherwise a nice steak not worthy of a sammie, IMHO.
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oh crap your right, 160 is well done, were did that temp come from, oh i know why, thats the temp i use on arm roasts & chuck roast, oh well it was the first one of the season it was bound to happen PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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ya i know what you mean on that, still it was a good steak, jucy and not dryed out.
not very often do i find t-bones that thick. thouht about going to the meat locker and see if he would cut a thicker one for me.
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Nice lookin' chunk of meat but a 25 oz'er around here there wouldn't be any leftovers
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I have been waiting to do some steaks on the smoker. I think I might give mine a reverse sear. Good looking steak.
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Good looking T-Bone

Looks like a fine steak. I have not smoked a steak yet, but will keep it in mind.

Not to hijack the thread.. but I have been on AH for 10 yearsPDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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What ronp said.

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