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New Char-Griller Comes On-line in Minnesota

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Greetings to all!

Late last night, I finished up my new Char-Griller "Super Pro". Since we still had a huge amount of snow cover when I bought it, I've been taking my time putting it together and doing the mods on it. After work today, I was ready to start a fire in it and season it. My primary goal for today was to see how the temps worked and find any leaks I missed.

I started a chimney of Royal Oak 100% Wood Lump from Walmart. Everything else around here is Kingsford or clone chemically treated stuff. In the firebox, I made a ring (about half a chimney worth) of the same. Opinions on the Royal Oak would be greatly appreciated.

When the chimney was ready, I dumped it in the ring. Opened a beer and proceeded to watch the thermometer and check the canoe, etc. The temp on both sides (I installed thermometers on each end of the cooking chamber) rose almost identically. I never saw a difference of more than 5 to 7 degrees from left to right (firebox side). It's been a little over two hours now and the temp is cooling down. I have 190 on the right (the fire box side) and 175 on the left. Very little charcoal left. At about an hour in, I had 230 on the right and 225 on the left.

Most of my mods are based on the posting by DDave, so many thanx to him for all the help.

Unfortunately, winter seems to not want to let go. We're supposed to get snow tonight. I had hoped that I would be able to do some more testing with decent weather. My next set of tests will be to fill my charcoal box, play with the vents some, check warm up time, etc.

I've been accused of being a perfectionist, and I guess it's true. I want to know all of the behavior of this smoker before I put meat to the grate. So far, so good. I'm very happy with it.
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Congrats on what seems to be, a successful test. Now, put some meat on her & let's get this party started!!icon_cool.gif
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you have any pics?
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I built a little house for mine out of plywood, just drilled holes in the corners and attached each top and bottom of the with heavy wire. The top was only attached on back and it was 4" long than the side so it would rest on the front part and open like a chest. Drilled a 5x5 hole for the damper and a hole for the stack. This worked in a snow storm in 15 degrees and in the big storm we had last week that had hurricane winds.Used a few cinder blocks on the sides so it didnt go anywhere.

I havent done the mods yet, just bought some stove gasket. I do have a good amount of smoke leaking out of the sides.
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Here are some pics of it. I'm starting a longer burn test today and will be smoking some rainbow trout this afternoon.

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