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Grizzly Bacon Hangers

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Grizzly has thier bacon hangers on sale. Reg $8.99 now $6.99
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Butcher and Packer has them everyday for $5.10
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Can you post thier site and Item # ????
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Here they are I have a dozen of them and they seem to work fine
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THanks Piney good deal there.
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I just got a half dozen from there myself; great hangers! Of course, can't just order one thing.. got about 10 other things too, lol! Butcher Packer is a good place to get most anything you need. Ham hooks were only $1.50 ea. and ham bags $17.50 for 100 of 'em.
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I have the same problem Pops does seems I can't just order one thing from there they have too much stuff that I think I need biggrin.gif
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