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Kung Pao Chicken Stuffed Turkey with Qview & Video

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I set out to smoke beef ribs but both local Safeway 's and our Albertsons had none. What a friggen travesty! So there I was at the meat section and I had to improvise. Since I have not done a turkey in quite a while I went in that direction. I have been trying to think out of the box lately... Not sure why... I turned to my left and was looking down the Asian food isle. That's when it hit me... Kung Pao Chicken Stuffed turkey. I wasn't sure it would turn out but thought why the hell not.

The end result was amazing. It's now a favorite with my family. I was able to stuff 1/2 pounds of Kung Pao chicken in each Turkey breast. I mopped the inside cavities with a rub, butter and teriyaki sauce. The same sauce I later injected the breast meat with prior to smoking. once stuffed I applied some Jack's old south hickory rub and brown sugar to the outer surface. Then it was a nice smoke low and slow 230 degrees. The last 30 minutes I turned the hest up to 350. I'm really enjoying this Treager Texas Elite!

This might sound weird to some but it's well worth a try or should I say worth a smoke. Hope you sall enjoy...

Here is the step by step video.


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That's a great looking turkey, Rob. Thanks for the pics.
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Nicely done, and I would say that's outside the box points.gif
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That looks great, I'm just getting started in the world of smoking foods, and after reading a lot of the posts on smf, it amazes me how much food ideas people have, I see myself having to buy bigger pants in my future.
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Nice thinking. Betcha it was good
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Video was removed by the user?
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Sorry if some of you had issues viewing the video. I found a scene I had in it twice and my perfectionist (I try) side took over and I wouldn't sleep this evening if I didn't fix it.

The new video is up and I edited this thread to reflect the correct URL.

Sorry about that.
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I bet that was good. I did a similar thing with a bunch of different chinese stuffed fatty's and they we awesome I bet the chicken was awesome as well!
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Smoked Kung Pao! Damn..
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Great smoke Rob!! You got WAY out of the box on this one. Looks delicious!

And another great video!

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Great idea Rob point for that points.gif
I love your videos
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