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moink ball recipies

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moink balls sound good but cant find any recipies
who's got some good ideas?
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You can always just get some store bought ones and just wrap in bacon.
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good idea, i'm sure costco has some large bags of meatballs?
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Here is my moink ball recipe...

1 lb. Hamburger
2 cups bread crumbs.
I use white bread and just rub it together in my hands to make my bread crumbs. Little extra doesn’t hurt. It actually soaks up more of the sauce.
½ tsp. Black Pepper
3 tablespoons of fresh minced onion
½ teaspoon of horseradish
3 drops of Tabasco
2 eggs

You can also mix your hamburger meat with italian sausage.. my favorite.. and even some breakfast sausage.
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Just be sure they taste fine before you smoke them.
Did moinkers once with a store bought brand that I never tried and they were not really bad but not good at all, just not a great meatball and it came through with in the end.

If you did decide to make your own just scoop out the big batch with a disher, I think they are #40 sized, you can get them at most restaurant supply places and they are the perfect size for smaller meatballs, and cookies too.
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I have used the ones from Costco before and they work good. They were all beef so be sure not to cook too long because they will dry out.
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Armadillo Eggs

I recently came across these and this sounds like the time to talk.Take a jalapeno, cut off both sides and clean it out and stuff with cheese. Wrap in sausage and hamburger 50/50 mix and wrap a slice of bacon around it and apply the tools of the trade. End result...ooohhhh...aaawwwww...more please!
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Try the same thing but using pepper shooters (a chunk of aged provolone wrapped in proscuitto and stuffed inside a cherry pepper marinated in olive oil)
You can find them either in the fresh mozzarella bar or condiment/Italian section at your local grocer, wrap those bad boys in some sausage, smoke and oh man I'm making myself drool already...
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Your killing me slowly, a slow wonderful Italian death. icon_smile.gif
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We just take good beef that we raise ourselves, grind it up to about 85% lean, roll them up, poke a hole and put some cheese in there. Pinch it closed and wrap in bacon and poke some tooth pics into them. At this point they weigh a good 1/4 pound. Then we drop them in a bowl of 50/50 Worcestershire and beef broth. After that we sprinkle with a generic garlic and pepper rub, then a sprinkle of Grill Mates Montana Steak rub. Drop them into the smoker at 300 with some mesquite and cherry wood and an hour or so later they are good to go. Next time I do them I'll snap some pics and post them. They make great tailgating snacks and my grandson loves to make them, but the child peels the bacon off and won't eat it. Kids of today for ya, some farm kid, go figure.
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i make a simaliar one to this mix the beef with pork or venision. put a peño stuffed olive in the middle & wrap in bacon buckboard if I have it on handicon_smile.gif
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He DOESN'T like BACON icon_question.gifeek.gif For shame. icon_wink.gif
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