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Reuben Fatty?

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I'm new to the wonderful world of smoking food, and wanted to try my first fatty, and since I'm going to have some leftover corned beef, I was thinking about doing a reuben style fatty. I was wondering if I would have any issues using the saurkraut? If any one has ever done this, some tips would be helpful.
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I made one last winter and I loved it. I didn't have any issues with the sauerkraut other than I didn't put enough in it.
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thanks for the info
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It's good

I made one last year too. Sausage w/ the corned beef, sauerkraut, and swiss cheese. Sliced and drizzled 1000 island over it. YUM!

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I have issues with saurkraut. But I just plan on staying home for a couple of hours after eating it!
Sounds like a great idea, go for it. As you can tell, if you think of it someone has probably do it.
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Go for it!!! This is the one I did a while ago...

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Thanks, that looks tasty.
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