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First Pulled Pork Q-View May need some help.

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Ok I am a brisket man through and though but when I was stationed on the East Coast I fell in love with Pulled Pork. After finding this site I have finally got up the courage to try one of these for my family. I have picked a 7 pound Boston Butt and trimmed all the hard fat off just like I do my briskets. I am going to use my MES with either Hickory or Apple chips @ around 235 degrees. Don't think I am going to foil but I might change my mind since it is my first shot at this. I have rubbed the meat down and it is sitting in the refrigerator until the morning. I plan to use the finishing sauce in the pork sticky after I pull it. Any and all advice is welcomed because this is a learning experience.

Here she is all rubbed down

Now she is wrapped and placed in the icebox.

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You're gonna love the home made pulled pork buddy, I always do mine at 225 until it hits 195-205 depending on which beer i'm on, takes awhile so plan accordingly, I usually allow for 12 hours but each piece of pork is different, just like briskets. once it hits that range, wrap in foil and old towels and put in a cooler for 1-2 hours (this is the hard part cause it smells so darn good) once that's over with, unwrap her, pull out the bone (should come out with little to no effort) and then get to pulling, I used a dough hook in a mixer last time and it was nice, then throw on your finishing sauce and mix, put on a cheap ass bun, and you're good to go! Don't forget the qview or you'll have an angry mob on your hands :) welcome to the forums and good luck with your long smoke!
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You'll want 200+* internal before resting for sure. I like a minimum of 90 minutes resting while wrapped in a couple old bath towels. I foil mine @ ~180* just to speed up the finish temp and help retain moisture. The bone should pull out clean with a slight twist, then it's ready. A couple large meat forks to toss that pork (it should fall apart nicely) and finish sauce together and you're ready for dinner!

Enjoy that PP!

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Careful with that finishing sauce. It is great but some people I've served it to said it was too much vinegar. I like it a lot, but not everyone does.
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If you've got a brisket down you should have no problem with a butt.
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looks good so far .....as long as you get the temp 195-205 you shouldn't have any complaints especially if you been doing briskets ! ! ! Good luck can't wait to see finished product
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I like to say i have Briskets down at least that's what the family tells me here is some Qview of my last Brisket smoke.http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/for...ad.php?t=90204
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It is a little before 6 AM CDT and I am about 20 minutes into this smoke. MES is @ 230 and the smoke is TBS. I am hoping to be finished with this in about 11 hours but if it takes a little longer so be it.
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keep us posted! looks like you got a plan so it should turn out great
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Six 1/2 Hours later and I am @ 173 internal Temp seems a little fast but who am I to judge on my first try. I think I had a change of heart though and will foil this butt just so it doesn't dry out. When I get a few more butts in me I will try it with no foil.
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Ok so Ms. Piggy hit 175 and I wrapped her up.

Now she has her new dress she got plans tonight big dinner date.

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Lookin good

Can't wait to see the finished product. icon_wink.gif
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Great looking char on that PP already ECT01! Seeing these pics are not helping my 3 o'clock hunger pains. Way to kick a man while he's down.
I will forgive you if you send some PP my way...icon_mrgreen.gif
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Ok 10 hours later and she is about to hit 200 gonna pull wrap in a towel place in a cooler and let sit for about 3 hours before I pull. Man I can't wait for tonight.
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that pork shoulder at 175 looks great, perfect glaze on it, you'd think you've been doin this for years! can't wait to see finished product, almost there!
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How would I go about replicating this process. Do I chunk it and put it in the mixer or simply put the whole thing in.
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Lookin' fantastic! Man, I gotta get another butt to smoke, 'cause this one you've got going here has me in desperation for PP!

I wouldn't worry too much about the mixer set-up right now...if you get temps up over 200* I/T and then rest it foiled and toweled for a couple hours, it'll pretty much fall apart if you toss it around in a big bowl. You'll have a few bigger chunks and some smaller ones, so just break it down to the size you want...we like some chunks in our PP.

Good grief, that looks good!

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That's the way it's done, brother!

No need for narratives with pics like that!

Man, I gotta get some more butts to burn now!

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Where the heck's a drooling smiley when you need onepoints.gif

That is some good lookin' pulled pork!
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