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wiring question

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I just got my strip heaters and was wondering if regular #12 wire will work if I take the temp up to 350* or will I have to look for a specialty wire?? If there is such a thingicon_question.gif
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Silicone covered high temp wires should be used, if they are exposed to any heat. They're expensive at your local appliance dealer.

I've been able to get parts and wires from an Appliance Recycler in Eagan, MN. Check with your local garbage hauler and ask what they do with the stoves and ovens they pick up.

The sheathing on regular wires will deteriorate under the heat.


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you should be able to get oven repair wire by the foot from your local appliance parts store. it will not degrade in the heat of your smoker. it is on the prices side though.
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Picked up some high-temp wire from a local electrician......29 cents a foot. Didn't think that was too bad. Now I'm waiting for some high-temp connectors from Fastenal.
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Your doing it right, thats great.... Can't wait to see the pics...
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