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All Terrain MES?

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I was bored on Sunday and headed to my local Harbor Freight to check out their Parking Lot Sale. Came home with (4) 10" tires and rims for $4 each. Monday, I headed to Metal Supermarkets and picked up some 5/8" round stock for the axels and a 4' chunk of angle for the frame.

I've been hiding my new Miller Mig 250 for awhile, and figured I should break it in. The wheels are way overkill for my MES, but for $4 ea. I couldn't go wrong!

My wife could not stop laughing at my creation!!!

Harbor Freight - $17
Metal Supermarkets - $10

Total Cost = $27

All Terrain MES

Unbolted Feet and Bolted on Some Angle Into Existing Holes For The Frame. I Used 5/8" Round Stock For The Axels and welded it to the frame. Notice The Tabs For the Grease Pan Have Not Been Moved Yet.

Extended The Frame 1" Past the Front. Tires Also Work As A "Stop" for The Door.

Moved the Clips For The Grease Tray and Extended The Frame Approx. 4" To The Back. Very Stable!

Bolted On A 5 1/2" Garage Door Handle To The Back. Tip The MES Back On It's Rear Set Of Wheels and Roll It Around Like a 2-Wheeler.


No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Too funny man. All you need now is a 5 horse motor on it and a steering wheel.
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Yo TJohnson, I added your MES mod to the MES HOT MODs list.

Thank you for doing a excellent job of documenting your mod with great pics and clear details how you did it.

I did make a note though that it would be nice if the all terrain MES could turn.


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Need that down here in Iowa with all the mud...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I like it, during clean up do not forget the ArmorAll !!!
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I thought about making a turntable for it, but had to quit while I was still ahead.

Guess I could "Mod My Mod" and put a "Lift Kit" on it. Then I could get the front axle to turn.

Actually, it skids around pretty easily.


No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Todd, your mod, your application, if it works for you thats all that counts...

Still a great post, a fine example of sharing a mod.
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I can just see the trailing show to BBQ Pitmaster's next season--

"Pimp My Smoke"icon_mrgreen.gif
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i like it!
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next mod: 2" shackle lift with a spring over axle conversion...
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That is simultaneously the coolest and funniest mod yet. points.gif
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Love the wheels now you have me thinking.
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Now that's a mod! LMAO PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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MES Hot Mod Update

Deltadude thought my MOD would be better if the wheels turned. I added a 5 1/2" Garage Door Handle to the back of My MES. You can tip your MES back and turn it like a 2-wheeler. Not perfect, but for under $2 is a pretty simple solution, that actually works. Also, it gives me a freeking place to stuff the cord!

For obvious reasons, I would not advise anyone to attempt this with a full water pan!!! icon_rolleyes.gif


No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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I seen a smoker on craigslist( that has came down to $90, and I had a similar idea for it to make it easier to move (I think the weight of the thing is why it hasn't sold). Only I was thinking more of drilling holes to slide the axles through. Unfortunately, I still wouldn't have a way to get it home, if I could afford it. I just don't think it would fit in our windstar. lol
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Thats too cool !
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I would offer the guy $50 and walk away if he doesn't take it. You gotta have a buddy with a pickup or small trailer that would be willing to share n a little BBQ for helping out a friend. Home Depot rents out their truck for around $20 for the 1st hour and they even have a small utility trailer for rent. You could try a local tool rental shop for a small trailer and some straps.

A little clean up and $10 worth of High Temp Paint and I think you gotta a pretty nice rig.


No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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