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Which wood wood you buy?

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I have an opportunity to buy a cord of either oak (Texas live oak) or Texas Pecan for $90. I cant afford both right now. Which would you buy for smoking?
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personally I would go for the pecan, but that just because I dont get to smoke with it too often up here in Illinois and I have ample free oak available
If your smoker is a stick burn the oak sure makes a nice long burning fire though
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I should have added that I have a traditional side fire box smoker.
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Hey torch, I'd go with the pecan BUTT 50/50 WOOD be great! 90 bucks for a full cord is almost too cheap. A cord should last you a couple of years even if you smoke each week.

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Shame to have to pay for wood.
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I myself would have to go with oak.
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I'm with the pecan group, but if you want some of both will they sell you 1/2 cord of each?
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pecan wood is great
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I like the 1/2 cord of each idea
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I like the 50/50 idea also. I havent used either but understand that pecan is close to hickory so I would say if you can get hickory in your area go for the oak.
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i've used oak to start the bed and get the heat going and then used the pecan to flavor the meat.
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I have more wood than I know what to do with right now. And I have 3 LARGE Cherry trees that I'm supposed to cut down this spring/summer.

If you have a chainsaw put an ad on craigslist that you'll remove certain trees for free. Thats how I got the cherry trees, and I got 2 apple trees that way too (which I already took down). I also got a medium sized hickory from my brother's property.

When I smoke I typically mix my woods and go with 30% hickory, 30% apple, and 40% cherry.
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If I couldn't do the 50/50 split, I'd have to go with pecan.
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