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9 lb sirloin tip roast, short ribs & bb

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Going to be a busy day today for the Bandera. Have a 9 lb sirloin tip roast in the smoker now. Injected with beef broth, worchestershire sauce and some of the rub. Rubbed with evoo and the Santa-Maria Tri-Tip rub from BBQ USA by Steve Raichlen. Smoking with a mix of cherry and oak at 250, planning on slicing it.

Later will be adding short ribs and a couple of racks of bb.
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I'm ready !
Hope the wind turns this way from Downingtown.

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Ribs are in

Just threw the ribs in. The short ribs were marinated overnight using smokingd's recipe.

The bbs were rubbed using evoo and my rub. My younger son likes it so much every time I make a new batch he has to taste test it.

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looks good as always Dawn. cant wait to see the finished pics.

got your boys eatin' ribs now I see. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Those Short Ribs look like there gonna turn out great! Actually the whole spread looks amazing! ENJOY!
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Looks great as always Dawn!!!
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Ribs update

Beef ribs are done. Sampled one of each, will report on taste test results after dinner.

BBs are foiled after 2.5 hrs.

Pulled the roast at 160, foiled, wrapped in towel and coolered it for a while.
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Looking Good!
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Best ones yet.

Will give report on taste tests later, after dinner. Sliced roast pics will be posted either later tonight or tomorrow.
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Dang wind was blowing the wrong way all day !

Gonna have to base these points entirely on appearance, because I couldn't smell them from Macungie at any time. points.gif

Absolutely GREAT smokey looking stuff.

Thanks for the eye candy Dawn,
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Tasty looking Qview!!

Love those beef ribs. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looking good. I need to go home so I can eat. I am starving from looking at all of this qview.
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The bbs were a hit with everyone. The kids wouldn't try the short ribs. icon_rolleyes.gif Hubby said they were good, his standard comment. Didn't have to ask him this time. Will definitely do the short ribs again in the marinade. The roast is in the fridge for tonight cooling. Was still too hot to slice and I'm too tired. Sliced pics and taste test report will be posted tomorrow.
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wow that just looked so good
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Man those look good, certainly earned points
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I will never buy roast beef at a deli again. This stuff is awesome! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

The only thing I will do different next time is take it to 145 instead of 160. It's a bit more done than I like, but the taste is perfect.
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Aah, I've been waiting for this...very nice smoke, Dawn!

The whole spread looks great...you and the Bandera sure do get along well!

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My stomach is growling!
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I tried looking for the recipe for the short rins but could not find it. I am thinking about doing some this weekend, could you point me in the right direction?
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