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Wood type?

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We purchased a home made wood smoker made out of an old boiler, I was just wondering if it would be alright to use Red oak, or if anyone had any experience with this, a friend of mine has an abundance of it (no white in this part of the state) he also has a lot of fallen mulberry. I'm in central nebraska if that helps any. thanks
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in my experience all oaks are fine for heat but pretty weak on the flavor side, if you like a slight smoke taste its great otherwise add fruit woods or hickory for more smokey flavor. Lots of guys like mulberry but I have never ran into it to try. Someone should come along that has used it.
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Red oak is fine all oaks are fine but you will find that red oak burns hotter than most oak varieties. Heres a thread about the different woods
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I use primarily red and white oak all the time. It works really well. I do agree though that you need another flavor wood added to it, but it will supply quite a bit of heat.
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Show us a picture of that bad boy!

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